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Google+ problems and why it is not ready for prime time

Written by config on . Posted in Social


It has been almost a month after the closed launch of Google+, and it seems to be a very popular subject, being discussed and mentioned daily on the tech news websites.
The main story everywhere is that this new and “fabulous” Google social network is growing like mushrooms on a wet ground.

Exponential growth is a very good start, considering the network itself is still in a closed phase of testing and most people who have access to it are from the IT sphere or close to it, but the real question is – what will happen later?
Will your family jump in? Your mother, father, cousins? All the people you know and love, the same people that actively use Facebook by default.

Google+ vs Facebook pic wars

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It seems like Google+ users are jerking themselves off to images which portray Google+ ¬†as superior to that of Facebook or Twitter, a common practice these days with the rise of Google’s new social network.

Be as it may, they are quite entertaining. Look below.

Everybody wants Google
Just another regular traffic day in India

Google+ App for Apple iPhone iOS

Written by config on . Posted in iOS, Mobile, Social

Google released today Google+ app for the iPhone, the long awaited application for the iOS – unfortunately released with seemingly a lot of bugs and looks like a half baked attempt to quickly release the application on both platforms – Android and iOS.
As of now, Google+ for iPhone is available only for customers in USA, the app seems to be blocked for download for international users. Same applies to the Android version of the same app, which up until this day is only available to the USA users only.