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How to install GNOME 3 and Mate on Ubuntu 11.10

Written by config on . Posted in Linux, Ubuntu


In this tutorial I am going to show you how to install GNOME 3 on your Ubuntu 11.10 desktop. We will install it with some shell extensions so that you can get the feel and look of GNOME 2 on GNOME 3. This is for those guys who want to revert to GNOME 2. For GNOME 3 lovers there is no need to install this extension.

This works perfectly with Ubuntu 11.10, may work with other versions of Ubuntu but I am not sure about that. You may try, I won’t guarantee on this.

Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 – A glimpse

Written by config on . Posted in Linux, Ubuntu

Fedora project, powered by Red Hat, has released another beast into the wild, Fedora 15, Linux-based operating system.
In previous versions, there have been similarities between the two leading distros- Ubuntu and Fedora. Ubuntu fans are now going to have second thoughts about it. Fedora 15, has got over the leap and now major differences can be pointed out. The brain storm only got worse.
Skipping all regular debate remarks, the discussion can be narrowed down to comparison between GNOME 3 and Unity. Fedora has always been different from the league.