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Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 – A glimpse

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Fedora project, powered by Red Hat, has released another beast into the wild, Fedora 15, Linux-based operating system.
In previous versions, there have been similarities between the two leading distros- Ubuntu and Fedora. Ubuntu fans are now going to have second thoughts about it. Fedora 15, has got over the leap and now major differences can be pointed out. The brain storm only got worse.
Skipping all regular debate remarks, the discussion can be narrowed down to comparison between GNOME 3 and Unity. Fedora has always been different from the league.


While Unity Shell was busy creating waves in Ubuntu community, bad ones too, Fedora 15 came as a rescue boat for frustrated users of Unity. GNOME 3 is now Fedora’s default desktop environment, looks way better than Ubuntu’s Unity. It is totally different from any previous versions of GNOME.
GNOME 3 will do offend some who are used to GNOME 2.x but after moving around it a bit, it really feels home, an improved one. The reason is simple enough, previous version’s design was inspired from Windows 95 which is no longer cutting-edge. It really needed a break. A matter of fact, GNOME 3’s most ravishing visual appeal is only because it is not a cheap mimic of Windows. No offense intended, GNOME 2.x.

Still, many people have a thing for GNOME 2.x even with outdated looks. Reason being, a feel of Windows without actually using it. Due to similar looks, transition was easy from Windows to Linux. An undeniable fact is that GNOME was never even close to be considered as a desktop, who knows it was ‘their’ plan of mimicking windows UI ! GNOME 3 changed the game, it is no near to any kind of similarities with Windows.

GNOME 3 presents a whole new working environment, different, to be specific. It is free from orthodox menus and icons on desktop screen, and a lot of features borrowed from Windows. The design is developed around “Shell”, it contains features from menus of old times. They are off the screen now, but in shell, from where they can be invoked when needed and dismiss post completion of task. The ultimate design is, in simple words, cleaner. It is worth mentioning that it appears very different from most of the operating systems.

Fedora 15 does not ship with a desktop, as such. You do not get to have some sort of main menu, or click-able icons. Its the shell which does all the job, it can be invoked through key-combinations or mouse gestures. All the features appear in a full-screen mode from where one can browse through different features.

Right from this panel, applications can be launched, searched using search box. Upon completion of the task you intended to do, shell fades back into the background leaving way for everything else.

To conclude with, it can be proclaimed that GNOME 3 is going to be future of desktop, though users might take a while to get used to cleaner look. Revolution has started, there is no stopping now.


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